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Sanger Sequencing

The UMGC utilizes capillary electrophoretic DNA analyzers for quick turnaround on small and high-throughput projects. The facility currently has one 96 capillary ABI 3730xl that use ABI BigDye Terminator version 3.1 chemistry.


  1. Sanger Classic (Individual)
  2. Sanger High Throughput (Plates)
  3. Sanger Sample QC. Template and Primer Quantified and Normalized. Template and Primer Addition.
  4. Clean & Load
  5. Sanger Custom
  6. Difficult Template Panel

Quality Values: Calculation and display of quality values (QVs) for pure and mixed bases. The QV is a per-base estimate of the basecaller accuracy.

Sample Score: Calculation and display of a sample score is generated from QVs. It is the average quality value of the bases in the clear range sequence for that sample.

Signal/Noise Value: Calculation and display of the value that represents the average signal/noise value of all the bases in a sample.

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