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Illumina GoldenGate & Infinium

Illumina GoldenGate and Infinium

Genotyping: The Infinium assay is a high-throughpout assay intended for high density SNP genotyping and CNV analysis over the entire genome. Illumina Infinium technology can also be customized using iSelect for large numbers of custom SNPs and developed to fit any experimental design.

GoldenGate Genotyping: Illumina’s GoldenGate genotyping allows for high degree loci multiplexing (up to 1,536 plex). This assay encompasses customizable SNP sets as well as Illumina’s pre-made panels (approximately 5,800 validated loci).

Methylation: Bisulfite conversion followed by hybridization to beadchip arrays and Infinium chemistry. UMGC offers all Infinium based methylation assays including both the HumanMethylation27 and the Human 450K. Illumina’s Human Methylation 450K Beadchip allows you to interrogate > 485,000 methylation sites per sample at single-nucleotide resolution. It covers 99% of RefSeq genes; with an average of 17 CpG sites per gene region distributed across the promoter, 5'UTR, first exon, gene body, and 3'UTR. It also covers 96% of CpG islands, with additional coverage in island shores and the regions flanking them. Illumina makes Infinium Methylation chips for human samples only.



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