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RNAi Clones

RNAi Clones

UMGC provides easy and economical access to the latest in whole genome RNAi collections through the Open Access Program from Open Biosystems.  Individual constructs are available as either bacterial stocks." The program currently includes the following libraries:

 Human and Mouse GIPZ lentiviral shRNAmir
Human and Mouse TRC lentiviral shRNA
Human TRIPZ inducible shRNAmir


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    RNAi Validation of Knockdowns

    UMGC will design and validate Roche UPL primer-probe set for gene-of-interest. We will perform RT, Q-RT-PCR for all total RNA samples and provide a validated knockdown report with all raw data. Validated primer-probe sets can be used for further Q-RT-PCR work. Please contact


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