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Submission Forms, Guidelines & FAQs

How to Order


University researchers can go to the ONLINE ORDERING SYSTEM and download UMGC Quantitation Request Form.  After completing form, print and submit with your samples. 



Contact in St. Paul: Patrick Warner at 612-625-7736
Contact in Minneapolis: Tsuleng Lyfoung at 612-624-3177


Sample Submission Guidelines and FAQs


  1. "How do I submit samples?"

    Print out UMGC Quantitation Request form, fill it out, and submit with your samples.
  2. "Where can I submit samples?"  

    Samples can be dropped off in the small freezer in 28 Snyder Hall (St. Paul) or in freezer #1 in 1-202 NHH. If dropping off RNA, please make sure submit directly to a UMGC staff member so that the samples will be stored appropriately.
  3. "Can I submit samples in tubes?"

    Yes. However, if submitting more than 8 samples, please submit in plate format.
  4. "How much sample do I need to submit?"

    The UMGC requires 4 ul sample per assay/quantitation. For example, if you would like to run a sample on an Agilent chip in addition to PicoGreen quantitation, you should submit 8 ul.
  5. "What is the turnaround time?"

    The UMGC guarantees a turnaround time of 3 days. Often results are sent out within 24 hours of sample submission.
  6. "Can I use my own reagent kits to set up Agilent chips to run on the Bioanalyzer at the UMGC?"

    No. All agilent chips must be prepared and run by the UMGC staff.
  7. "Can I NanoDrop my own samples at the UMGC?"

    No. Only UMGC staff members may operate the NanoDrop.
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